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Unicorn - A collection of worlds - resurrection

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Ola Gränshagen Format: Advance album
Release date: 2017-08-07 Year: 2017
Label: independent
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Dan Swanö
Artist discography


This is more than cool. UNICORN recorded this album back in 1989 but they guys have freshened it up recently, for example by re-recording the vocals. And “the guys” are none other that EDGE OF SANITY & NIGHTINGALE man DAN SWANÖ (dr, lv), PETER EDVINZON (pi, k, v), ANDERS MÅREBY (g, fl, v) and PER RUNESSON (b).

This is a lovely journey through progressive rock & related styles, with a warm sound and strong instrumentation. Think later YES, EMERSON LAKE & PALMER, 3, a more folk based SAGA or early MARILLION and you get the picture. Lots of beat variations, like 7/8 and so on. Also typical for real progressive rock are the instrumental parts that come from nowhere and surprise you, like after 1.15 in the song “Yellow and Greg”. Yeah, only the title itself speaks prog.

Especially the vibes of the sadly missed band 3 are cool, if you ask me. Hear the verse and pre-chorus of “Exhibition of souls” for example, reminding a lot of 3 (Keith Emerson, Carl Palmer and Robert Berry). So many faces in this song! Rather soft progressive rock, and even occasional westcoast vibes in the arrangement. And the way it ends… it almost takes us to a smoky jazz club in 1947. When listening to the semiballad:ish “Times of change” one may even think that other Swedes A.C.T picked up some moves from UNICORN when they recorded their albums. Well, that is probably not true, since the above references are more likely to have been role models. There is a lot of later YES and TREVOR RABIN in “Lake of time”, with nice and rich harmony vocals.

Well, I could go on with more details but I guess you understand what it is all about. So far only available as sound files, but start requesting and raving about this coming on vinyl or at least CD, and you never know…


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