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Whitesnake - The Purple Tour (Live) cd/dvd

Arie van der Graaf Format: Advance album
Release date: 2018-01-19
Label: Rhino Entertainment
Genre: Hard Rock,  Glam Rock,  Classic Rock
Producer: David Coverdale
Artist discography


After the release of The Purple album in 2016 this was supposed to be the mighty snakes last studio album tributing the band that made David Coverdale famous.

Now early 2018 things certainly look different. A new studio album (Flesh & Blood) is in the making and this fantastic live album covering the Purple tour has now been released in various formats.

We reviewed the CD/DVD

This release is as dangerous as a venomous snakebite.

The first notes of "Burn" grab you by the throat instantly. Speaking of throat, David's aged voice sounds amazing. Hitting the high notes were supposed to and still having that deep soulfull feel.

"Bad Boys" kicks in with the mighty intro riff by Joel and Reb certainly two of the most talented guitarplayers sounding mighty tight together. 

David shows his deep soulful vocal skills on "Love Ain't No Stranger" and "The Gypsy" on which We can also see an amazing guitarsolo duet.

"Give me All Your Love Tonight" runs you over with the amazing crowd vocals.

Taking us back to the beginning of Whitesnake, from the Snakebite EP "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City " takes us right back to the 70's. Expect the soul hitting you in full glory.

"Mistreated" is delivered in a raw style. Great to see the whole band enjoying this song. Great craftmanship. Just check out the solo by "the always keeping his cool" Reb Beach.

"You Fool No One" holds for sure one of the most recognizable riffs off alltime and gives Michelle Luppi the chance to show off his keyboard skills as well as once gain amazing guitarskills shown by Hoekstra and Beach together.

But that is not all, Tommy Aldridge finishes this one with his amazing drumsolo not only with the sticks but also percussioning with bare hands.

"Soldier of Fortune" written by Richie Blackmore back in the days gives os some breathing time. pacing it down with a superb acoustic performance by Joel Hoekstra showing his magical fingers and Coverdale fighting himself thru the emotional vocals. Breathtaking and emotional.

The Whitesnake classic "Is Thus Love" is another ballad embraced by the crowd followed up by the midtempo rocker "Fool For Your Loving".

And then it's there, Whitesnake monsterhit "Here I Go Again" with the crowd going crazy and the band likewise. And yes David Coverdale does the cream before the solo. If fact he does the cream later on as well, showing the world he's still got it.

Finishing off with a big bang "Still Of The Night" is giving me goosebumbs i feel like in am right there in the crowd. Coverdale goes crazy on vocals and Joel Hoekstra is dlivering his cool posing solo. What a way to finish it.

And man this is really a good old fashioned show in which there is pleny of space for all involvd to shine.

Breathtaking vocals, razorsharp and fingertapping guitars, a tight bass, hammering drums and cool keys.

This is the complete rock experience.

But wait, there is more!

The DVD brings the same show as delivered on CD but has some extra's like audio songs like"You Keep On Moving". "Lay Down Stay Down", "Lotsanotes" (Beach-Hoekstra), "Stormbringer". The "Burn" Music Video and a funny interview by Michael Devin interviewing bandmates Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach.




1. Burn (Live)
2. Bad Boys (Live)
3. Love Ain't No Stranger (Live)
4. The Gypsy (Live)
5. Give Me All Your Love (Live)
6. Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City (Live)
7. Mistreated (Live)
8. You Fool No One (Live)
9. Soldier of Fortune (Live)
10. Is This Love (Live)
11. Fool For Your Loving (Live)
12. Here I Go Again (Live)
13. Still of the Night (Live)


1.    Concert Video in 5.1 and Stereo (same songs as CD)
2.    “Burn” – Music Video
3.    "Michael Devin interviewing Joel and Reb

Bonus 5.1 High Resolution Live Audio:
4.    “You Keep On Moving”
5.    “Lay Down Stay Down”
6.    “Lotsanotes”
7.    “Stormbringer”


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