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Skywind - 20

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Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2017-10-20 Year: 2017
Label: Pacific Underground Recordings
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Wally Joseph
Artist discography


In 2011, Wally´s newborn daughter Charlotte was hospitalized and had to face a life threatening major surgery for a duplication cyst. A benefit concert was planned where all original Skywind members would re-unite to perform, little did they know that it would turn into a new album a few years later. "Sleeping Giants" from 2014.
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band, Skywind has put together an album of 2 new tracks, 2 covers and the rest are re-recordings of songs from the "Sleepwalk" EP (2000) and "Rain Songs Live" (1999).
The band weren´t happy with the production on those older recordings and wanted to give some of the songs a fair treatment in the studio, what strikes me is that the major part of the older stuff are not as progressive as the 2002 album "O2" but instead a more post-grunge oriented sound.
I´m not a friend to all of the older songs but I do like "Hangover" that is the closest we get to their "O2" album and the rocker "Rain Song".

Gerard McMahon´s "Cry little sister" from the Lost Boys Soundtrack (1987) has been covered by many artists including Aiden, Carfax Abbey, L.A Guns, Seasons After and many more. But Skywind´s heavy version is definitely in the top league along with Carfax Abbey´s gothic cover.
The other cover is "Wide open space", originally released by the English rock band Mansun in 1997. A song that grows for each time I hear it, I think the song feels timeless and that Skywind has made it their own just like Nazareth did with Joni Mitchell´s "This flight tonight".
The new tracks "Black sheep" and "You come undone" are good, especially the laid back "You come undone" has found it´s place in my heart. There´s a certain melancholy in the song that appeals to me.
Recommendable if you like Crash Anthem, Our Lady Peace, Socialburn


1.Black sheep

2.Empty room


4.Wide open space


6.Under cloud 9

7.It´s raining, it´s pouring

8.Rain song

9.Cry little sister


11.You come undone


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