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Burn - Ice Age

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Juha Harjula Format: Album
Release date: 2018-02-28 Year: 2018
Label: MelodicRock Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


British hardrockers Burn are back with a brand new album and singer. But first of all let´s go back to the start. Burn was formed by brothers Barney and Mark Stackhouse in the early 90s and released their debut album So Far So Bad in 1993 with Jeff Ogden on vocals and was a great melodic rock/AOR album. In 1995 the second album Spark To A Flame saw the light of day and was a nice follow up to the debut. With various things happened to the band it took 12 years to record the 3rd album. In 2007 Global Warning was released and was filled with heavier guitars and pompish keyboardsound and filled with powerful hookladen songs. But yet again the band took a break and now 11 years later the 4th album Ice Age will be released and singer Steve Newman taken over the vocals from Jeff Ogden. This new album is a bit heavier and even a bit darker and more guitaroriented and less keyboards than on the previous album. But, you will hear nice keyboards in the background but not as much as before. Keyboardplayer Barney Stackhouse has produced the album with a fine result and mixed by Tobias Lindell (H.E.A.T, Europe) to give the sound an extra push. Soundwise this is a nice mixture of Europe (Last Look At Eden), Winger, Vega and Steve Newman´s solo albums. Irontown kicks off the album in a great way with crunchy heavy riffs and filled with nice melodies and a powerful chorus with all the typical trademarks of Burn. Jealousy is my favourite track on the album and this is the closest you come to AOR on this album and reminds a lot of Vega. This is stunning rocker with great hooklines and a brilliant chorus. The riff strong rocker Hate rocks big time with a bombastic chorus that reminds of Winger on their later albums. Another song that reminds of Winger and their Junkyard Dog is the mid-tempo rocker Sink Together, great song with strong harmonies and with a superb guitar solo. Live Again has nice arrangements and filled with lovely melodies and the chorus is great. The straight-ahead rocker Punishment Of Lust is a nice mid-tempo rocker with heavy chorus. Ice Age rounds off the album in a fine way. This is good rocker with layers of melodies and a memorable chorus. A very even album with couple of standout tracks and 1-2 fillers that don´t spoil the album. Only downside on this album is the frontcover that I don´t suit to their sound but hey it´s more important what´s inside it. Burn are back with a mighty fine album and hopefully we don´t have to wait too many years for a follow up to Ice Age.


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