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Joe Olnick Band - Downtown

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Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Release date: 2017-10-20 Year: 2017
Label: Joe Olnick Band
Genre: Jazz
Artist discography


Back in the 70´s when jazzrock was a popular genre and bands could actually play in bigger venues, a guitarist like Joe Olnick wouldn´t have a problem selling lots of records.
Today it´s a whole different matter but I´m glad that guys like Joe Olnick will carry on the legacy of instrumental rock and fusion. He has already released 6 albums where "Downtown" is his latest contribution to a genre that is doing it´s best to survive.
Joe Olnick is backed up by Jamie Aston on bass and Jamie Smucker on drums, together they make a trio that sounds like they love to put on a jam session every now and then.
Joe´s guitar licks bring thoughts to John Fruiscante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) but the music has more in common with the famous Swedish guitarplayer Janne Schaffer´s 70´s albums.
You can tell Joe is influenced by Miles Davis on the more experimental track "Philadelphia moonlight Part two", an odd song that will only speak to the open-minded. Another odd song is the chaotic "Sports complex" that could in fact be renamed "Three mile island accident", if Joe wanted to write a song about his hometown of Harrisburg and the mess around the first nuclear accident.
"Sports complex" truly sounds like the stress journalists, politicians and workers at the plant experienced back in 1979.
The rest of the EP ain´t as chaotic, it´s more laid back and kinda groovy.



2.Philadelphia moonlight Part one

3.Food truck


5.Philadelphia moonlight Part two

6.Rush hour

7.Sports complex


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