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Saxon - Thunderbolt

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-02-02 Year: 2018
Label: SPV
Genre: Heavy Metal
Producer: Andy Sneap
Artist discography


If you have a ticket to a Saxon gig, I promise you that there´s a guarantee that you will probably never catch them on a bad night. I´ve seen them in concert 4 times in 3 different decades, twice in the 80´s, once in the mid 90´s and one time in 2014. They have sounded great during all gigs and frontman Biff Byford never seem to have lost not one bit of his powerful voice.
They had their peak filling stadiums in the 80´s and then back to playing clubs in the 90´s but now they´re rewarded once again by their hard work in touring and releasing great albums, to headline festivals and playing bigger venues.
The mighty Saxon now releases their 22nd studio album "Thunderbolt" and it´s 100% heavy metal, don´t expect to find any elements of electronica, pop, alternative metal or any other modern sounding techniques.

No, this band are loyal to their foundation, their cornerstones of a true Saxon album.
"Thunderbolt" reaches Top 30 in UK official charts, the highest chart position in 34 years and it´s well-earned because this album is monumental.
The song "They played rock and roll" is about Motörhead and it´s a new classic, just as good as any of their biggest hits from the 80´s. Speaking of Motörhead, the entire album is dedicated to the memory of Lemmy Kilmister who passed away in late 2015.
"Nosferatu" is epic and should be included in their future setlists for many years to come, the title track "Thunderbolt" is a headbanging monster and well.....the neighbors have been warned.
"Predator" can be the heaviest song from Saxon since the 1999 album "Metalhead", it´s cool to hear a duet between Biff and Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth on this track.
All in all, "Thunderbolt" is the best album to come from Saxon in 27 years and the 1991 album "Solid ball of rock".


1.Olympus rising


3.The secret of flight


5.They played rock and roll


7.Sons of Odin


9.A wizards tale

10.Speed merchants

11.Roadie´s song

12.Nosferatu (raw version)


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