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Slaves - Beautiful Death

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2018-02-16 Year: 2018
Label: The Orchard
Genre: Alternative Rock,  Post Hardcore
Producer: Erik Ron
Artist discography


Beautiful Death is the 3rd studio album to come from Slaves.

'I'd Rather See Your Star Explode' kicks off the album with a banger. With catchy yet powerful lyrics the listener can easily sing along and move to the beat. Craigs voice oozes out with emotion as the song paints out a scenario a lot of us have found ourselves in. Its about giving all we got to make a relationship or friendship work only to not feel like it was enough and having to walk away to prevent getting further hurt. 

'Patience Is The Virtue' is about realizing you've made mistakes in the past,have learned from them and wish to move onward. This is another song anybody can relate to as we all are human and not perfect. The message here is pretty simple keep your eyes on the prize in the mist of hard times. Be patient and things will work out in the end.  

'True Colors'  head on confronts what its like to deal with betrayal and how it sadly comes from those we least expected. I personally know this feeling all too well and I love how Slaves was able to capture all the emotions spot on. 

Of all the tracks 'I'd Rather See Your Star Explode' is my favorite. Without giving away too much that remains of this cool album I can say its a perfect balance of heavy and tame. There will be a song for everybody to get into. 

Beautiful Death leaves the listener hype and motivated with every song that carries a message of solace. You can just hear the passion Slaves has for the art. Beautiful Death is their best album yet compared to the others. It showed what they are really capable of and how they have adapted in the face of adversity. 


Track 1: 'I'd Rather See Your Star Explode'            

Track 2: 'Patience Is The Virtue'

Track 3: 'True Colors'

Track 4: 'Let This Haunt You'

Track 5: 'Petty Trappin'

Track 6: 'I Know Alot Of Artists'

Track 7: 'Deadly Conversations'

Track 8: 'Back To The Roots'

Track 9: 'Warning From My Demons'

Track 10: 'The Pact'


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