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Stray Train - Blues From Hell - The Legend of the Courageous Five

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2017-11-24 Year: 2017
Label: SAOL
Genre: Rock,  Blues,  Alternative Rock
Producer: The Courageous Five
Artist discography


Stray Train's second album continues where the first album ended, grooving rock with a lot of blues and soul under their skin.

The album was recorded in the famous Dutch Wisseloord Studio where numerous worldstars have recorded many timelss albums for decades.

So after the fantastic debut which got the band a lot of good media attention they had the tuff job to do and make the second album.

Many bands in the past have had problems with making a great 2nd release.

This is not the case here.

This album is full of bleeding, grooving rock songs with fantastic vocals although i must say i liked the debut slightly more because of it's spontanious diversity.

This album has a bit less Peppers influence which i claim to hear on the debut.

Nevertheless this again is a pure rockalbum of high standard with solid songs.

It's time some major labels wake up and take this great band on board.


1. Electrified

2. Heading For The Sun

3. Days Gone

4. Emona

5. Mad Machine

6. Blues From Hell

7. House Of Cards

8. Love Is Just A Breath Away

9. My Baby´s Ride

10. Give It Away

11. No Easy

12. Miracle


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