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The Dead Daisies - Burn it down

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2018-04-06
Label: Spitfire Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Marty Frederiksen
Artist discography


The Dead Daisies are one of the most talented Hardrock bands today with a fast growing group of fans wordwide.

John Corabi, Marco Mendoza, Doug Aldrich, Deen Castronovo and founder David Lowry are a force that conquer the world by storm.

Speaking about a storm, their new album is more than just that.

It strikes with full speed and armed to the teeth with powerful vocals and great riffs.

Their best release so far!


The opening song "Ressurrected" hits in with full power and raw vocals by Corabi. It grabs you at once.

Then it gets even better. A dirty riff asks us to "Rise Up". This is how hardrock should be and there is only one word for it: A-MA-ZING.

Third on the tracklist is titlesong "Burn It Down" which starts somewhat slower in a bluesy style but with a very powerful chorus and amazing guitars by Aldrich and Lowry. Corabi shows his diverse vocal skills here and Castronovo and Mendoza deliver a solid foundation. A very strong title song.

On "Judgement Day" you can hear perfect bluesrock with a very nice grooving chorus.

"What Comes Around" fits with the previous song and has this same sound, grooving along on the nice dirty guitar guitars and great drums by Castronovo.

When you deliver a cover it has to be a good one. The Dead Daisies dared to cover The Rolling Stones song "Bitch". And OMG they deliver a very strong much more powerful version. Rolling Stones fans might not agree but i dare to say it is much stronger than the original Stones version!

Slowing it down to first gear, "Set Me free" is a perfect ballad on this awesome release. Corabi gives this song exactly the feel it needs. this would be a monsterhit if released back in the late 80's, early 90's. A fantastic song.

We get back to the balls to the walls sound which is so present on Burn it Down with "Dead and Gone"

Another highlight is "You Can't Take It With you" which holds a very catchy riff and is soaring and roaring along like Aerosmith would do, but even more cocky. Awesome!

Burn It Down closes in fashion with another catchy rocker "Leave me alone".

OOPS, did i say closing the album..., that is if you listen on Spotify.

On the digipack cd however there is an awesome bonus. Revolution from The Beatles has been covered with daisies. And those daisies are in full bloom here! A great version which you can hear if you buy the digipack cd.

Summing "Burn It Down" up it really set my hardrock heart on fire and it's the kind of fire that keeps burning forever.

Some hardcore Daisies fans got rewarded bigtime. There is an extra small poster which shows pictures of The Daisies with fans that are a member of the fanclub. A cool gesture showing they know that fans are to be taken seriously and appreciated.

Don't hesitate to buy this album which is a strong contestant for album of the year.

Badass - Grooving - Raw



1. Resurrected
2. Rise Up
3. Burn It Down
4. Judgement Day
5. What Goes Around
6. Bitch
7. Set Me Free
8. Dead and Gone
9. Can’t Take It With You
10. Leave Me Alone


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