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Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2018-03-16 Year: 2018
Label: Rhino Records
Genre: Alternative Rock,  Grunge
Producer: Robert DeLeo, Dean DeLeo
Artist discography


Stone Temple Pilots are a band that had to deal with the tradegy of losing two leadsingers.

This is something that can be heard thruout the album which is an emotional journey and a true hommage to the two. Jeff Gutt is the new frontman and STP could not have made a better choice.

The on album opening song “Middle of Nowhere.” Jeff Gutt makes a vocal statement that he is as good as Scott Weiland was. musically it is clear the band has grown.

On “Guilty” Eric Kretz has this wonderful drum rythm. It's so wonderful it mkes me think of Led Zep as well. Gutt again shows his potential big time sounding a bit like Weiland but for sure adding his own original spices to it.

“Meadow”  is the album’s the album's lead single. Although i don't think this is one of the stronger songs on the album, it is just solid.

“Just a Little Lie”is a classic heavy STP song which could have been placed on any previous album easily.

“Six Eight” kicks in and ihas this nice heavy energy, Dean shines on this one with a great solo.

somewhat more into the main stream genre is “Thought She’d Be Mine” it holds a refreshing beautifull instrumental part. Personally i think this will be a single and possibly a huge hit if promoted the right way.

 “Roll Me Under,” is your perfect rocksong to hear at a live show. although it has the feeling of "been there done that", it is solid and great to party along when played life. A good choice for being a single but not the strongest song again.

traveling back in time towards the 70's we have“Never Enough” which sounds like the Doors very much, Gutt exells with his vocal abilities here. simple fantastic. 

“The Art of Letting Go” has the same style as on “Thought She’d Be Mine”. Fans who love Tiny Music will for sure love this song as well. The lyrics are fantastic on this one. make sure you listen closely to Gutt's wonderful chorus vocals. 

a true hommage to Weiland and Bennington is "Finest Hour",  perfectly placed after  “Thought She’d Be Mine”. The lyrics ‘You never said goodbye/you left a void that’s like no other. I know because it’s true’ are fantastic and very respectful and full of emotion. A true highlight on this release.

On “Good Shoes” the band sounds a bit like Aerosmith or The Dead Daisies, but off course with a different vocal style.

“Red & Blues” has this shift down in gear mood which gives the album even more diversity. Great stuff.

Summing the album up it is a wonderfull addition to their catalogue Gutt is worthy as the new vocalist and deserves to be embraced by the fans. He is not Weiland and should not be like him either. The best choice the band made was giving him the job! “Thought She’d Be Mine,” “Finest Hour,” and “The Art of Letting Go” are the absolute highlights on this selftitled release. on which the single release choices are the only mistakes to my opinion.

  1. Middle Of Nowhere

  2. Guilty

  3. Meadow

  4. Just A Little Lie

  5. Six Eight

  6. Thought She’d Be Mine

  7. Roll Me Under

  8. Never Enough

  9. The Art Of Letting Go

  10. Finest Hour

  11. Good Shoes

  12. Reds & Blues


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