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Bonfire - Temple of lies

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2018-04-13 Year: 2018
Label: AFM Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Hans Ziller
Artist discography


Temple of Lies gives us new Bonfire singer singer Alexx Stahl.

A great choice when you love powerful vocals which occasionally are high pitch.

Just like some other bands with a German singer though you can here some German accent here and there but never annoying.

Stahl to my opinion is a perfect fit for the band and gives them new musical ground to conquer.

After a short interlude the first titlesong "Temple Of Lies" kicks in. And it kicks in with full force!

A powerfull way to start this album somewhere between hardrock and powermetal. 

"Feed The Fire" Is a real anthem with long stretched riffing chords.

"On The Wings Of An Angel" sees the band travel back in time musically.

"Stand Or Fall" is a standard heavy hardrocker just like "I'll Never Be Loved By You" in a style which is well known for German/European bands.

"Fly Away" is a very melodic hardrock song with catchyguitarlines.

"The Way You Hate Me" is an acceptable song and "Crazy Over You" is less strong to my opinion although it has a strong chorus and some nice high pitch vocals. It's just a bit cheesy.

Nevertheless it's a nice album which will do great for Bonfire fans who can appreciate the new singer (Again).


01. In The Beginning 

02. Temple Of Lies 

03. On The Wings Of An Angel 

04. Feed The Fire (Like The Bonfire) 

05. Stand Or Fall 

06. Comin' Home 

07. I'll Never Be Loved By You 

08. Fly Away 

09. I Help You Hate Me 

10. Crazy Over You 


11. Comin' Home (extended acoustic version) (digipak bonus track) 

12. Friedensreich - Let The Madness Continue (director's cut) (digipak bonus track)


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