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His Dream of Lions - Psuedo Star EP

Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2018-02-16
Label: Aspire records
Genre: Pop,  Rock,  Alternative Rock
Artist discography


His Dream of Lions is a group from Fairfax, Virginia and they play catchy rock songs with great pop sensibilities. That is the best way to describe these songs that are on this EP. I hear traces of bands like Quietdrive and Pink Spiders here and there are also hints of BonJovi(!) in the vocals on some songs. Trust me, that is not a bad thing.


The manage to cook up a nice little 80’s vibe on the song Killer Trip, which one of the better songs I have heard so far 2018. It has a nice, slower tempo with keyboards and a nice drum beat. It does end a bit abruptly, but that is a minor thing. Anyway, lead single “Love Me Like I’m Sick” is a catchy song, as is Swingin’. The other two songs are not quite up to the standard of these three songs, but they are not bad song, not even close.


Overall, this is an exciting EP. The band show a consistency as well as a variety among the songs that make me curious over how a full-length album would sound like. A sparkling little EP to brighten even the darkest of winter nights.


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