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No Sleep For Lucy - Until The End

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-03-09 Year: 2018
Label: No Sleep For Lucy
Genre: Modern Rock
Artist discography


Swedish modern rock trio No Sleep For Lucy have been working on their debut album "Until The End" ever since 2013 and the singles "Feel alive" and "Going down".
The band collaborated with songwriters such as Tommy Henriksen (Alice Cooper, Daughtry) and Mark Holman (RED, Three Days Grace), but now it´s finally out and it´s a damn good album too.
All their singles from 2013 and 2014 are all included on the album, as well as last year´s single "Don´t let go". All in all, we get a 12 track album filled with super-melodic rock songs that should work very well on active rock radio.
Imagine Closure meets Prime Sth and you´ll get No Sleep For Lucy.
Lukas Meijer - Vocals and Christian Rabb - Guitar also co-wrote "Light me up" with artist Gromee, Poland´s winning song for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal in May. But that´s a DJ pop song and it has no place in this modern rock affair.



2.Going down

3.Don´t let go


5.Feel alive

6.Show them who we are

7.Leaving ground


9.The source

10.Until the end


12.Final call


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