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Kevin Windross - Broken Brain

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-04-03 Year: 2018
Label: Kevin Windross
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


There´s a lot of humour in the artwork of Kevin Windross´ new solo album "Broken brain", this album cover would fit a Frank Zappa record without doubt.
But the music don´t have much in common with Frank Zappa´s music, the only thing they have in common is that they´re both guitarists and both like to play guitar solos.
The first time I got to hear Kevin Windross was with his band Early Warning System and the 2007 release "Overworld", a really good EP that is recommendable if you like King´s X.
The next time was his solo EP "Loud and clear" from 2013 that has more of a classic rock sound, a solid EP but not as good as "Overworld".

Windross has also released the instrumental album "Standing outside circles" in 2009 and now unleash his latest offering "Broken brain", a 11 track record with everything a pop producer hates these days. Guitars, guitars and more guitars.
You can tell he´s been influenced by Joe Satriani without sounding like a carbon copy.
I think the music would be of interest if you´re into artists like Dave Sharman, Pyramids on Mars, Mahogany Head Grenade.
Windross probably spent a lot of time writing, recording and producing his new album so it would be disrespectful just to listen once and then have an opinion about it.
I thought about all the effort he put down in the making of "Broken brain" and all of a sudden, I could hear how much he loves to play guitar.
I´m not a fan of all songs but I do think the majority is pretty good where my favorite tracks are "La Dolce Vita", "Bite the bullet" and "Meticulous mechanic".


1.La Dolce Vita

2.A Precarious Drive In The Country

3.El Greco


5.Two Amigos

6.Bite The Bullet

7.Texas Highway (Route 69)

8.Meticulous Mechanic

9.Thy Deliverer

10.Broken Brain

11.This Is The End


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