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Stone Blue Electric - G Y D I A R

Kaj Roth Format: Single
Release date: 2018-03-23
Label: ManCave
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


Friday night, just got paid, no sleep till Monday. If you live by that motto, you need the soundtrack along for the ride and in that case, I got just what the doctor ordered.
4 guys from various bands in Finland, decided to join forces and give the people just what they need. A good ol´ decent dose of some high octane rock.
Stone Blue Electric consists of Patrik Eriksson - Lead Vocals (Ile Kallio Big Rock Band), Jussi Turunen - Guitar (Hector), Sami Osala - Drums (Sunrise Avenue) and Jaakko Jakku - Bass (Turisas).
They debuted with the upbeat rocker "Generation Snowflake" that sounds like something that could be the setlist opener on their upcoming tour, but what really gets me going is the new single "G Y D I A R".
Is it a love song for a girl from Iceland you say? Well, not exactly. It´s an abbreviation for Get Your Ducks In A Row. (meaning : to be well prepared or well organized for something that is going to happen).
A great song is a great song, no matter what genre it is and this is a great rock song and this just happens to sound a bit like Foo Fighters. I think Dave Grohl would be happy if he would´ve been the composer.


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