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Jizzy Pearl - All You Need Is Soul

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-05-11 Year: 2018
Label: Frontiers Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Jizzy Pearl
Artist discography


Back in 1992 I saw Love/Hate as a support to Ozzy and they were awesome, bassplayer Skid was drunk as hell but he could still deliver even if lead singer Jizzy Pearl kicked his ass once or twice during the show. Hahaha. I´m a big fan of their first two albums "Blackout in the red room" and "Wasted in America" from the early 90´s but thought they lost their ability of writing great and clever rock songs from the 1994 album "Let´s Rumble" and the releases after. By 1997, the Love/Hate story had come to an end and Jizzy went on fronting bands like L.A Guns, Ratt, Quiet Riot and Adler´s Appetite.

Now he´s back touring as Jizzy Pearl´s Love/Hate again and have a new solo album out where he teamed up with former Love/Hate guitarist Darren Housholder who played on "Let´s Rumble". Backing them up are Puddle of Mudd drummer Dave Moreno and bassist Mark Dutton. The only thing reminiscent of the early Love/Hate albums is Jizzy´s unmistakable voice and even at the age of 60, he still has the power to scream like a party-hungry kid.

The music on "All you need is soul" is more of an average sleaze rock album than something in common with "Blackout in the red room", Jizzy seems to be rather proud of his new solo album saying it´s the best album he´s done since "Blackout........". Well, I have to disagree. What is missing is the crazy-muthafxxking-kickass-songwriter Skid to make something that is worthy having the name Love/Hate on the album cover. 


1.You´re gonna miss me when I´m gone

2.Coming home to the bone

3.High for an eye

4.All you need is soul

5.House of sin



8.When the devil comes

9.You don´t know what it´s like

10.It doesn´t matter

11.Little treasures

12.Mr Jimmy


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