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Bona Head - Noises From Melancholia

Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2018-02-25
Label: iMusician Digital
Genre: Orchestral Pop
Artist discography


Say hello to Noises From Melancholia the 4th and latest work from Bona Head.

Noises From Melancholia starts off with 'Prelude' a brief but nice piece that really does set much of the atmosphere for the album,in this case too much.

'Ex Abrupto' along with the remaining tracks were pretty much bland in my opinion. The songs weren't really attention grabbing and I felt like they carried much of the same theme. When I listen to albums I like to hear a wide range of emotions and stories to match. The listener doesn't get much of a variety here. 

'Melancholia' honestly was the only song I could really get into. I loved how the piano floated like a breeze and created a nice flow from beginning to end. 

Overall I thought this 9 track record could have been much better but I understand what the artist was going for. It was just way too melancholy for my taste.

  1. Prelude
  2. Ex Abrupto 
  3. Anode 
  4. Melancholia
  5. We1
  6. Mixed Blessing 
  7. The Astronomer
  8. Magic Cave
  9. De Profundis 


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