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Graham Bonnet Band - Meanwhile, Back In The Garage

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-07-13
Label: Frontiers Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


Graham Bonnet has no plans in retiring just yet, he´s as busy as ever with his own Graham Bonnet Band and also as one of 4 singers in Michael Schenker Fest. I welcome new releases with Graham Bonnet since he´s one of my all-time favorite singers but it would be nice if he put more effort in his work rather than giving the fans what he thinks they want. "Meanwhile, back in the garage" is the second album from Graham Bonnet Band and the follow-up to "The Book" from 2017 but when the previous album had plenty of good songs, the latest one is just a weaker version of "The Book".

The music on "Meanwhile, back in the garage" is quite close to the first Alcatrazz album with Yngwie Malmsteen on guitar but when the lack of great songs becomes too obvious, I only get the feeling I´m listening to the world´s longest album. Guitarist Joey Tafolla plays faster than a shark and Bonnet does his best in delivering traditional Bonnet melodies but none of these songs move me and when the band almost becomes a powermetal band on the album, I just wanna push the stop button and skip to the next track. The big question is why did they have to include another boring cover of Tina Turner´s "We dont need another hero"?! Why?!


1. Meanwhile, Back In The Garage
2. The Hotel
3. Livin’ In Suspicion
4. Incest Outcest U.S.A.
5. Long Island Tea
6. The House
7. Sea Of Trees
8. Man On The Corner
9. We Don’t Need Another Hero
10. America…Where Have You Gone?
11. Heading Toward The Light
12. Past Lives
13. The Crying Chair
14. Starcarr Lane (Live From Daryl’s House 2018)


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