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Timecop1983 - Night Drive

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2018-05-04 Year: 2018
Label: NRW Records
Genre: Retrowave,  Synth
Producer: Timecop1983
Artist discography


Night Drive is the 5th highly anticipated album to come from Timecop1983.

Beginning this essential art work is 'Static' a dark yet vocally soothing collaboration with another retrowave great The Midnight. I really liked how this song turned out and hope these guys do more work together. The vocals are matched well with the overall noir vibes. Its almost as if this piece hinted emotionally (story wise) towards a deep secret or break up between two individuals. 

'On The Run' came off as the ultimate runaway and get out of town 80's jam. It has the makings for the scene of the deep secret being brought to the light and the break up taking place instantly. 

'Back To You' just like 'Static' is a very fragile yet telling piece regarding another phase of emotions felt in the mist of heartbreak,the what ifs and memories. The listener gets a real sense of how the guys mind is trying to move on yet keeps coming back to thoughts of the one he cared for deeply. The constant beat of the synth really captures the racing thoughts going on within the mans head.

'Cruise' in my opinion was the part in the story where the man became almost numb and the shock creeps in that things will never be the same again as he gets lost in a night drive. The synth really set up the atmosphere nicely for this track and I felt as if I was in the passenger seat witnessing the man fall apart. 

'Neon Lights' starts off with a feel of driving back into town as if there was a small glimpse of hope to restore things after being gone awhile. All I could picture was the guy heading towards the lights of the city. Love how this song gave me a real vibrant clear visual of that.

'Afterglow' filled my ears with the emotion of confidence and hopefulness thanks to the bubbly synth. You can really get a feel how confident and determined the man is feeling as he drives closer to the house where it all went down. 

'Too Late' is hands down my favorite song that Timecop1983 has ever made. Its the most heartbreaking part of the story told. As the man pulls up to the girls house and he gets out walking up the driveway he slowly dies on the inside after seeing the place is vacant. He lost the girl he loved forever. He was too late to make things work out after hurting her. I love how the guitar echos and weeps to mimic that of the pure heartbreak everybody in the situation feels when things go wrong. The vocals are equally striking. 

'Skylines' is slow and steady like much of the previous tracks. As the song moved on all I could picture was the man sitting on a ledge of a sky scrapper roof watching the sunset in a state of reflection. Its kinda sad but beautiful as I too felt I was right beside him feeling the pain.

With the soft voice of Kinnie Lane and the magical synth on 'Tokyo' one can't help but get a feeling of the man wanting to be in another part of the world.

'Nightfall' is the darkest synth filled of the bunch. It has mystery and fear of the unknown written all over as it. Clearly this portrays the man falling into a deep worried sleep afraid of what is to become of the future without his girl. 

'It Was All A Dream' closes off Night Drive nicely with a happy ending. Must admit I was kinda really digging the whole story line until I found out it was all a dream but hey that goes to show its never too let to fix something in reality.

Night Drive is a great album for night owls and lovers of dreaming to get lost in. With each song offering its own unique perspective on an emotion the listener really gets a sense of being transported to another dimension,80's themed of course. This wonderful 1 song short of a dozen retrowave album was relaxing yet very thought provoking. As I got further into the music I felt like I was part of the story being told and it was as if I had a place in the wonderful 80's era.

Night Drive is Timecop1983's best work yet!

You can find this album and the artist on various media platforms. 





  1. Static (Ft. The Midnight)
  2. On The Run
  3. Back To You (Ft. The Bad Dreamers)
  4. Cruise
  5. Neon Lights (Ft. Josh Dally)
  6. Afterglow
  7. Too Late (Ft. LeBrock) 
  8. Skylines
  9. Tokyo (Ft. Kinnie Lane)
  10. Nightfall
  11. It Was All A Dream


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