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Reef - Revelation

Added by :
Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2018-05-04 Year: 2018
Label: earMUSIC
Genre: Rock
Producer: George Drakoulias
Artist discography


Man am I glad to hear new music from these fine lads again. Reef was one of my favorite bands back in the days when they release the brilliant album Glow. They always got tagged as Britrock, which might have been a bit unfair as they have a much bigger soul influence than their peers at the time. These soul influences really shine through here, almost from the start and throughout the album. There are choirs, nice grooves and a real laidback feel to a lot of the songs and this is complemented by Gary Stringers trademark voice.


The opening, title track is a nice rocker that sounds very… Reef. A nice start to the album. Sheryl Crow lends her voice to the song My Sweet Love and that really is a sweet, lovely song. Provide follows in the same laidback fashion. How I Got Over is a pure soul song that makes me want to dance.

And so it goes on, one cheerful song after the other. It does not matter if it is a rocking song or a slow one, this album is just so much fun to listen to. Sure, there are a few letdowns, like Precious Metal, but the keyword is “few”. There are so many more good songs than poor ones. So overall, this really is a good album.


I really think a revival should be on the cards for Reef, especially with bands like Rival Sons and The Answer wreaking havoc in the charts over the last few years. They got the songs, the grooves, the soul and my god they have Gary Stringer. That man’s voice is just incredible, and it suits this music so well. A nice and welcome return to form. Good to have you back guys!


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