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Bronto - self-titled

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Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 1995
Label: independent
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Bronto
Artist discography


Here’s a very overlooked indie gem from 1996; BRONTO! They were a 4-piece playing funky melodic hard rock. This is a 6-track album that is a massive recommendation to all fans of heavy hard rock, by all means.

I should be more precise. There are 6 tracks here, but in all fairness the sixth song called “Coffee” is both a song and some fooling around by the studio microphones… cow sounds and other oral explorations. Still, it is a good song for almost three minutes before the guys lose it…

I said heavy melodic hard rock and, yeah, there are a lot of truly heavy riffs here. But there are some more melodic moments as well. Try “Memories” which gives you both. Parts of the song are really heavy but they slow things down at times and get very melodic. And this is not unique for this song – it can be heard in “I feel I have to laugh but no” with cool guitar solo playing by STEFAN TÖRNBY. The song includes both heaviness and finesse!

Being an AOR and westcoast fan I have to admit they are a bit too heavy for my personal taste at times. But they do it so well! It is amazing that they have created such a sound when it is a independent release. The drums and the bass have a rich sound that you do not often hear on low budget albums like this one. Try “No life allowed” for example. Furthermore, the only small thing to complain about from my side is the lead singer JONAS FRITZSON who’s not top notch. But he’s got power in his voice, I’ll give him that, and I’ve heard many singers being a lot worse… (Swedish Diamonds series, #20)


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