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The People The Poet - A Short Obsession With Time

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Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2018-04-13 Year: 2018
Label: Independent
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: The People The Poet
Artist discography


The People The Poet have been on my radar since the excellent album The Narrator back in 2015. I like their sense of melodies along with their sound and clever lyrics. The first song I heard from this album was Where the Dandelions Roar, which indeed is a quite clever title. That is a really good song and it raised my expectations for this album. Luckily for me, they deliver the goods on this album.


It starts off good with Where Did the Year Go? and it continues with good songs. The band is showing us that they handle mid-tempo and up-tempo rockers as well as the occasional slow and/or acoustic song. Ruins of Rome is another gem that displays the variation of the material here.


 I would describe their sound as warm, friendly rock with indie influences combined with very nice vocals. Oh and one more thing:


I know that The Gaslight Anthem has gotten some stick over the years for sounding like Bruce Springsteen. The same description really should be hanged on TPTP. I mean, just listen to Kids On the Corner or Late, Late 28 and tell me you don’t think about The Boss. However, the rest of the songs have less of The Boss and more of the TPTP sound that I recognize from the previous material.


Instead of bagging on them for sounding like Bruce though, perhaps they can find the same trajectory as The Gaslight Anthem? This is a band that really deserve a big audience. Sure, they might lack a bit of originality here and there, but they still play the living crap out of most of what is played on mainstream radio these days. I love it, good work guys! For fans of Bruce, The Gaslight Anthem, Kings of Leon and similar acts.


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