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Dan Siegel - Origins

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Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2018
Label: independent
Genre: Jazz
Producer: Dan Siegel & Brian Bromberg
Artist discography


Having released albums since 1980, Seattle-born DAN SIEGEL is known to most fans of the jazz/fusion genres. Most of the time he’s been surrounded by great musicians and he still is. On this rather new “Origins” CD we find VINNIE COLAIUTA (drums), ALLEN HINDS (electric guitar), BRIAN BROMBERG (bass) and LENNY CASTRO (percussion) among others.

I’ve always seen Siegel as the typical artist for the genre “elevator music”, which is an expression that most people (sadly enough) use in a negative way. What I am referring to about Dan Siegel’s music is that is often rather soft. But believe me, appearances can be deceptive. When you listen closely to some of these songs, the musical ingredients are more difficult than you think at first.

Some of the songs have a light folk touch to them. One example is “Crossing” where the piano has an obvious role. Same goes for “After all” where there’s also a slight vibe of KOINONIA (mainly for the background singing that is added).

Occasional tunes are a little more “intense” or should I say fusion oriented. Like the opener “Rite of passage” where the electric guitar gets some space. That ingredient is mostly inactive otherwise, I’d say, on this album (as on most Siegel recordings) and that is sad. You need a bit of punch sometimes, when the majority of the songs are mellow and soft. A song I really like is “Lost and found” with its cool beat and backbeat/syncopes. Lots of piano here too. Dan Siegel delivers cozy albums, simple as that.


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