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Acceptance - Black lines to battlefields

Johan Wippsson Format: Ep
Year: 2003
Label: The Militia Group
Genre: Pop Punk
Producer: Aaron Sprinkle
Artist discography


When you think of Seattle and music I?m quite sure that most peoples first thoughts goes to the grunge and bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Alice in chains. But here?s a new musically quality band to think of from the north west city in the US , which is far from the grunge. This five piece band called Acceptance plays really hungry and fresh modern rock with a punk edge on and does it really good. It?s quite tough to say what type of rock this is cause it?s somewhere between, but what I know is that this guys does their thing very well. Songs like ?Permanent?, ?Seeing is believing? and ?Bleeding heart? are all really good and I shows that they got potential and song writing skills. As I wrote this is only an Ep, but it?s sure good enough to check out and hopefully we will see a full length one in a near future. Melodic and fresh just the way I want it!

Tracklisting 1. Permanent
2. Seeing is Believing
3. Bleeding Heart
4. Black Lines to Battlefields
5. Hold On
6. This is Only a Test (live)
7. Rerun (live)


Melodic Net Comments 

I bought this CD when it first came out, It is still in my CD player. If you do NOT have this one get it . AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
2003-06-10 15:17:28

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