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Robby Valentine - The Alliance

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2018-06-16
Label: Self released
Genre: AOR,  Glam Rock,  Pop Rock
Producer: Robby Valentine
Artist discography


On the day Queen singer Freddie Mercury died Dutch singer Robby Valentine did a wonderfull arranged hommage which steered his carreer in the right direction enormously.

These days the business has changed and after having loads of success in both The Netherlands and Japan he now released his latest album completely by himself supported by a close team and fans thru crowdfunding.

true artist always will try to continue o matter what. this is exactly what Robby did.

He had some problems to deal with the last couple of years such as a writers block, partly loss of sight due to a severe virus infection. This resulted in some kind of depression.

But now he is back full force stronger than ever.

Thee result is amazing. A mix of Queen, Beatles, Muse and some more resulted in an album full of huge anthems combined with emotional ballads.

Vocally his voice is not really powerful but this is not a problem at all because it fits in perfectly in the beautiful artrock melody arrangements.

The album starts with the selfititled opener The Aliance Theme,

Robby would not be Robby if the would not include many background vocal arrangements with a huge "Queen feel" to them. So expect a lot of it as well.

There are some very personal songs or songlines on this album as well such as the wonderful ballad Eleanor Robyn about seeing his daughter grow up and having the feeling this is going so fast. Something many parents can relate to for sure.

On another note we have Sons of America, about all those countries that are walking in the same footsteps America does and following them blindly in whatever war or conflict they inflict or want to steer in their direction. (Just look at the artwork inside the sleeve that goes with the song).

There are many highlights, in fact there is no weak song here.

The only thing maybe should have been arranged differently is the eastern melody in Soldiers of Light. The arrangement itself is ok and does fit with the song theme but not really with the rest of the song's melodies.

Masters of our Minds is the song that stands out here for sure and really shows off Valentine's amazing songwriting skills.

I love the way the amazing drum arrangements are recorded, it gives the album exactly what the previous album did not have enough, more power and depth.

My conclusion: Do you like Queen, The Bealtles, Muse, ELO, Glamrock in general, beautiful melodic song arrangements?

Buy this album and your jaw will drop to the ground!

This might be his best album so far!

  1. The Alliance Theme (1:01)
  2. Judgement Day (4:11)
  3. Black Dog (4:10)
  4. Sons Of America (3:30)
  5. Running On Empty (4:16)
  6. Eleanor Robyn (6:58)
  7. Soldiers Of Light (4:25)
  8. The Bitter End (4:11)
  9. Masters Of Our Minds (4:55)
  10. Remember Who You Are (5:36)


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