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Quint Starkie - Ghost in my heart

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2016
Label: independent
Genre: Westcoast
Producer: Quint Starkie (Francis Dunnery)
Artist discography


If you like THE EAGLES or JOHN MELLENCAMP it’s time for you to pay attention. QUINT STARKIE is originally British but he’s Stockholm based since many years. This solo CD was out in 2016 but for some weird reason I didn’t know about its existence until very recently.

This CD is filled with good musicians, too, known and unknown. How about FRANCIS DUNNERY (ex IT BITES, production, drums, guitar), JOHAN GULLBO (keys), MAX LORENTZ (keys), GLADYS DEL PILAR (vocals) and many more.

We’re talking smooth rock/pop with obvious flirts with westcoast rock, especially the kind of westcoast that THE EAGLES are into in quite a lot of of their songs.

Opener “Where I belong” is like EAGLES spiced up with hints of JOHN MELLENCAMP or TOM PETTY, if you think of their mellow side.

“Sarah” could’ve been on a solo album by for example BERNIE CHIARAVALLE (of MICHAEL McDONALD’s band). Really good light westcoast rock!

Actually, some songs remind me of VENICE, too, at least their softer “Garage demos” songs. And this means quality, as you all know!

Finally, since I can’t help it. We’re all nostalgic from time to time and maybe that’s what Quint was when the album cover was planned. But seriously, would you buy a CD with this cover artwork just by chance? Nope, you absolutely need a recommendation. Now you’ve got it! But next time, a more tempting album cover would be needed. No offense meant, man. I am sure you had your reasons. The songs are the most important things, and this album is really nice.


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