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Magnum Coltrane Price - LevelUP

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 2018
Label: Redhorn Records
Genre: Soul
Producer: Jonas Wall & Nils Landgren
Artist discography


If I’m counting right this is the seventh studio album by Swedish bass player and singer MAGNUM COLTRANE PRICE. He’s mainly into funk/soul but one album in Swedish is included in his catalogue (“Poängen”) and I think it’s more of hip hop. Well, we all have our flaws. His regular solo albums are always quality stuff, anyway.

What we have here are 12 tracks of true soul/funk, don’t think otherwise. The release is on NILS LANDGREN’s (MICHAEL RUFF BAND, NILS LANDGREN FUNK UNIT etc) own label.

The songs are mainly rather groovy pieces. One of my fave tracks is “Bassics” which takes us away in the funkier MICHAEL RUFF direction. Maybe even some of the most groovy BILL CHAMPLIN stuff. The horn section is awesome! They are JONAS WALL (sax, woodwinds), NILS LANDGREN (trombone), PATRIK SKOGH (trumpet, flugelhorn) and JONAS LINDEBORG (trumpet, flugelhorn).

There are, though, occasional songs with a slower approach – still with groove. A fine example is the finishing tune “The funk made me do it”. Being a bass player, Magnum’s instrument is a distinct ingredient and he knows what he’s doing. Lots of nice slap bass playing for example. Another softer one is the great title track “LevelUP” with a soul costume and tasteful bass playing.

The production is fully OK although a bit dry for my personal taste. But on the positive side it’s nice with a sound picture and production that sounds REAL, instead of all the other modern stuff with no soul that we get served. This is not the best solo album by Magnum, but he always gives you good enough music.


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