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Monster Truck - True Rockers

Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2018-09-14
Label: Mascot Label Group
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Dan Weller, Gavin Brown, Maia DAvies
Artist discography


Monster Truck has been on of my favorite bands ever since they burst onto the scene some years back. There was something refreshing with their brand of pure rock ‘n roll. Unlike many bands of today, they chose the less commercial route when it comes to production of their albums. By commercial I mean sanding of all edges of the music to make it both sound “heavy” and poppy at the same time. This way you take out all the danger of the music and make a heavy song sound… well, not so heavy.


With this in mind, I was a bit worried that Monster Truck had gone down the same route when I heard the single Revolution. This song is probably the most slicked and polished song. Had this great band gone the same, boring way as other rock bands? Well, I turned on the album and the first song we get is True Rocker. This is a true manifesto of what this band is all about and to hammer the point home, they roped in Dee Snider to add guest vocals. Just by hearing this song, I’m smiling again. Songs like Devil Don’t Care, Thunderstruck (not a cover!) and Denim Danger have the same effect on me.


What I realized is that the most commercial songs on here are recorded with different producers than the rest of the album, this would explain the more commercial sound on Evolution, Hurricane and Young City Hearts. I mean, Evolution sounds more like a Shinedown song than a Monster Truck song. That does not mean that it is a bad song, but yeah, it sounds a bit weird coming from this band.


I must say that I like the trademark Monster Truck songs better. But hey. If the commercial ones bring the big break to this amazing band, then I am all for it. Overall, this is an album from a both confident and competent band that sounds like they have a lot of fun when creating and playing music. Maybe not as good as Sittin’ Heavy, but a bit more fun and relaxed instead. My advice? If you are a true rocker – get it on the release day!


1. True Rocker (Feat. Dee Snider)
2. Thundertruck
3. Evolution
4. Devil Don't Care
5. Being Cool Is Over
6. Young City Hearts
7. Undone
8. In My Own World
9. Denim Danger
10. Hurriance
11. The Howlin'


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