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Cayenne - self-titled

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Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 1995
Label: EMI
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Magnus Persson & Cayenne.
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Things are not always what they appear. Looking at this Swedish CD from 1995 we find three girls and the layout is nice and warm somehow. Judging from this we must be in for some 90’s pop, right? Well, we couldn’t be more wrong, at least for a number of songs here!

The album opens up with “Vill du ha mer?” (Do you want more?) which is funky light melodic hard rock of class. Maybe one shouldn’t be that surprised, though, looking at the musicians involved. The song includes guitars by CONNY BLOOM & OLLE C. RAMEEK, ANDRÉ FERRARI (bass), PÅL SVENRE (keys) and MAGNUS PERSSON (drums, percussion). Given that Bloom is involved, some cool and expected ELECTRIC BOYS moves are there! And all players are well-known names both for live shows and studio recordings in Sweden, mark my word.

“Underbar plåga” (Wonderful pain) are other very nice and funky tunes in lightweight hard rock mode, with all three girls singing great. Same goes for “Hem till mig” (To my place), with super nice crunchy guitars.The team has really done a great job in arranging the vocals here, I tell you. Some of the same style is also heard in “Älska och vara sann” (To love and be true) and “Galen i dig” (Crazy about you).

But the album has got other faces as well. The ballad “Kärlek har gett sig av” (Love has gone) brings some folky vibes to life, and there’s sensitive singing here. Other parts of the CD could be called catchy pop, like “En sekund” (One second) and “Vakna nu” (Wake up now) and remind me a lot of both EVA DAHLGREN and ANDERS GLENMARK, two other great artists from Sweden. Same goes for “Älskade barn” (Beloved child).

Other musicians on this splendid album are for example SVENTE HENRYSON (cello), TOMMY LYDELL (organ) and KOFI BENTSI-ENCHILL (ex-SHINE!, bass) as well as SVEN LINDVALL (bass). I guess the list of players say a lot.

Even though being released on a major label, this Swedish release has become quite hard to find these days. And given it was out in 1995 there are no vinyl copies either. It’s a lovely CD worth looking for. (Swedish Diamonds series, #24)


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