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Nazareth - Tattooed on my brain

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-10-12
Label: Frontiers Music
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Yann Rouiller
Artist discography


Even though founding singer Dan McCafferty left the band in 2014 because of health reasons, there´s a lot happening around Nazareth. In 2018, the band celebrated their 50th anniversary with the 24th studio album "Tattooed on my brain" and also released the Loud and Proud box set including the band´s entire catalogue on CD. And this fall, Dan McCafferty is releasing his brand new solo album so fans of Nazareth should sleep well at night.

"Tattooed on my brain" is the first album not to feature Dan McCafferty on lead vocals and instead the band welcomes new frontman Carl Sentance into the Naz family. Founding member and bassist Pete Agnew show no signs of putting the band to the final rest so together with his son Lee Agnew on drums and long-time guitarist Jimmy Murrison, they deliver a good hard rock album with the true Nazareth sound.

At first I think it´s quite weird to hear another singer in this band since Dan McCafferty has such a signature voice but Carl Sentance does it good and puts his own touch on these new songs. I see no reason why songs like "Pole to pole", "Dont throw your love away" and "Tattooed on my brain" shouldn´t do well in a setlist together with Razamanaz and Love Hurts. Nazareth still rocks 5 decades later.


1.Never dance with the devil

2.Tattoed on my brain

3.State of emergency

4.Rubik´s romance

5.Pole to pole


7.The secret is out

8.Dont throw your love away

9.Crazy Molly

10.Silent symphony

11.What goes around


13.You call me


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