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Lola Black - Nothing´s Gonna Be Alright

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-08-24
Label: Lola Black
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Bob Marlette / Sahaj Ticotin
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Despite of what all the charts says or the numbers of streams on all digital platforms where hip hop and pop has taken over, rock is still alive and well and as a matter of fact, rock is still selling more in physical sales with vinyl and CD´s. So thank you to Lola Black for standing in the frontline of the army of rock soldiers and show no signs of retreat or surrender, because rock won´t go away - not just yet, not without a fight.

This Denver, Colorado based chick isn´t messing around on her new album "Nothing´s gonna be alright", she is dead serious with her coming-right-atcha rock-rock attitude and got some heavy weight support from producer Bob Marlette (Saliva) and RA frontman Sahaj Ticotin. Sure, it´s mainstream and the sound is hardly unique but the songs are great, in fact it´s one helluva active rock record that would´ve been no.1 back in 2000 when everyone listened modern rock from the kids to your parents. In 2018, artists like Lola Black have to struggle harder to get their music out but the quality hasn´t fallen - this is top notch all the way.

Crank it!


1.Nothing´s gonna be alright

2.How to say goodbye

3.All in

4.A reason to believe

5.One of a kind

6.Hot enough

7.Brand new hole

8.I´d rather die

9.Never gonna let you go



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