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Vola - Applause of a distant crowd

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-10-12 Year: 2018
Label: Mascot Label Group
Genre: Progressive metal
Producer: Asger Mygind
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Opposites attract, to combine beauty with brutality or ambience with loudness is the secret behind Vola´s innovative sound. This Danish band are experts in finding and creating the perfect spectrum of musical diversity in their songs. I was completely taken by their masterpiece of a debut with "Inmazes" in 2016 and can only cheer along like the audience in the Last night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall when I let my mind wander to the tunes of the 2nd album "Applause of a distant crowd".

The new album might not be as complex and technical as "Inmazes" but it´s still just as comprehensive in the band´s magnificent performance, there is a thought behind every riff, every melody, every effect and every arrangement throughout the entire album. "Applause of a distant crowd" is what happens when a band is thinking quality over quantity. Vola are one of the most exciting bands on this side of the century, running the roller coaster of progmetal and I´m glad I´m here for the ride.


1.We are thin air



4.Ruby Pool

5.Alien shivers



8.Applause of a distant crowd


10.Green screen mother


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