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Lunear - Many Miles Away

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-08-02 Year: 2018
Label: Lunear
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Lunear
Artist discography


The intro of the album opener "Closed doors" sounds like something from a 70´s record by Alan Parsons Project but continues as an alternative progrock song from the 90´s, imagine Billy Corgan taking the role as the lead singer and co-writer in Genesis instead of Ray Wilson on "Calling all stations" and you´ll get the first song on Lunear´s debut album "Many Miles Away".
Who are the guys behind Lunear then? Well, they are three guys from France that share a common passion for 70´s classic prog and wanted to make an album in the same spirit of that decade.
Lunear is Jean-Philippe Benadier-Vocals/Bass/Guitars, Paul J.No-Lead and Backing Vocals/Keyboards and Sebastien Bournier-Vocals/Drums.

I´m familiar with Paul J.No´s compositions in his synthpop band Midrone but this is something different, Paul and Sebastien have known eachother for 20 years and played on eachother´s records but this time they decided to write songs together which would become Lunear.
It took 4 years to write and record "Many Miles Away" and it almost felt like it would take the same time to write the review because I couldn´t find the right words to describe the music. This album is not entirely a progrock affair, there´s a bit of 90´s rock in the music as well as classic pop. I just couldn´t put my finger on what other artists to relate to.
Lunear is something original, that´s for sure. I don´t think all songs hold up but there are certainly interesting moments on "Many Miles Away" where my thoughts go to Marillion, Mike Oldfield, Roger Waters and even Steven Wilson.
Those are names that should wake up any progfan from a cinderella sleep, but hold your horses because it´s a diverse album and takes several spins to get into.


1.Closed doors

2.In between

3.A last time for everything

4.Just another song about that girl


6.Dont be scared



9.You owe me nothing

10.Fresh start


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