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Steve Perry - Traces

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-10-05
Label: Fantasy Recordings / Concord
Genre: AOR,  Soul
Producer: Steve Perry / Thom Flowers
Artist discography


24 years! Where did the time go? Oh yes, it´s been a quarter of a century since former Journey singer Steve Perry released a solo album and who would´ve thought that he would return with another album at the age of 69? I will admit that I believed he would make another record for many years but recently I stopped thinking it would ever happen, and that´s when he dropped the first track "No Erasin´" from the new album and the comeback was a fact.

"Traces" really is something else, the album´s not a cousin to either "Street Talk" from 1984 or "For The Love of Strange Medicine" from 1994, "Traces" stands on it´s own legs. I hear a new Steve Perry on these new tracks as well as a big part of the "old/young" Perry we got to know during childhood. If the first two solo albums are chapters taken from his life, then "Traces" is the entire book.

It´s a very personal and emotional album but at the same time, not sad because these new tracks shows a big spectrum of moods with everything from rockers to ballads, happy songs and beautiful songs. Some very melancholic and others so inspiring. Where Steve Perry´s voice has lost in high-pitch, he´s gained in feeling. For me, he will be the only singer that can make me go through all emotions with his unearthly vocals.

I´m happy, music-wise I feel complete again, it´s like something had been missing in my life. I have a wonderful family and lovely friends but since Journey and Steve Perry is such a big and important part of my life. I know now that I needed to hear his voice one more time. The puzzle is complete, that missing piece was "Traces" by Steve Perry. Welcome back.


1. No Erasin’ 
2. We’re Still Here 
3. Most Of All 
4. No More Cryin’ 
5. In The Rain 
6. Sun Shines Gray 
7. You Belong To Me 
8. Easy To Love 
9. I Need You 
10. We Fly 
11. October in New York (Deluxe edition only) 
12. Angel Eyes (Deluxe edition only) 
13. Call On Me (Deluxe edition only) 
14. Could We Be Somethin’ Again (Deluxe edition only) 
15. Blue Jays Fly (Deluxe edition only)


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