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The Midnight - Kids

Added by :
Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2018-09-21 Year: 2018
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Synth,  Retrowave
Producer: The Midnight
Artist discography


Kids is the 4th album to come from The Midnight.

'Youth' isn't a song but more of a reflection and collection of testimonies on how technology back then was starting to influence the way people (especially kids) were interacting with one another. It paints the picture of when the internet was really starting to bloom and take off. Sadly this piece reminded me how far we've come since then and how our youth is now brainwashed. It appears The Midnight feels the same way. It's crazy to think how something back then was helping us only to now have it be destroying us. 

'Wave' captures the frenzy and electrical atmosphere that followed with the global expansion of video games and the internet. I love how it tells the story of connecting with people an ocean away and how innocent things were back then before stuff got far complex. 

'Kids' (Prelude) along with 'Kids' (Reprise) honestly gave off a 80's youth last battle cry as the 90's quickly approached and the arcades were fading away. It's like the last stand for innocence and simplicity. Really felt it could have easily been made into a full on jam. I love how actual kids were brought in to sing on the reprised version cause after all they are the future.

'Lost Boy' is about seeking comfort in the dark after being lonely for so long and even so caught up in the tech driven world plagued of social medias. This is my 2nd favorite song off Kids because it highlights a big issue I think many people have been sweeping under the rug for years. It guides the listener through the peaks and many valleys of emotions that often are attributed to how much we rely on social media for self assurance. It's a perfect example of how we've lost touch with reality and each other. These days tech and social media is replacing our human interactions. Were lost in a sea of robots I'm afraid. 

'Saturday Mornings' (Interlude) is just like that of 'Youth' but it contains brief commercial breaks popular from the 80's and 90's. Although it wasn't a song it sure did bring back some fond memories of waking up on the weekends to watch cartoons and stuff my face with cereal. Cartoons were king and everything seemed like a dream. Those were the best days of my life. 

'Explorers' represents the loners and the dream chasers caught in a modern day circus of politcal confusion. It's about chasing a dream even if in the end it means your standing alone. 

'America 2' is by far my favorite song off this record. The lyric structure is rad and hits spot on regarding what is taking place in my own home country. There is a lot of division,hardly any love, growing hatred and so much injustice. 'America 2' really got me to thinking about what the outcome of all the mess of today will lead us to. It's a song that made me think how all we want is a better world yet alone country where all can be free to believe in a dream without judgment. After all America is the land of the free and home of the brave they say. I think its about time we need to start acting like it. 

'Arcade Dreams' was the only track that didn't contain vocals. Despite that I feel its message got across rather well. Like many of the songs The Midnight writes this one told a sad but meaningful story. I feel it was portraying how kids got lost and found pure joy in the arcades that once filled the malls of yesterday. 

Must admit I really enjoyed this album. Kids brought back a ton of childhood memories and it really made me think of what is to become of our countries future if we don't stop acting like we ain't got no mamas. A lot of people seem to have mixed feelings about this release from what I've seen and I completely understand why,the quantity of jams. I too wish there had been several more songs on this release but I'm pretty content with how things came out in the end. The lyric structure,production and overall maturity is what honestly won me over. 

  1. Youth
  2. Wave
  3. Kids (Prelude)
  4. Lost Boy
  5. Saturday Mornings (Interlude)
  6. Explorers
  7. America 2
  8. Arcade Dreams
  9. Kids (Reprise)


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