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Muse - Simulation Theory

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-11-09 Year: 2018
Label: Warner Music
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Rich Costey / Mike Elizondo / Muse / Shellback
Artist discography


You can move forward at the same time you´re going back, Muse shows just how it´s done on their brand new studio album "Simulation Theory" that reflects this modern age of the human kind living in their smartphones more than out in the real world. This ain´t no new "Drones" or "Black Holes and Revelations", Muse has done something different once again on their 8th studio album that is a true sci-fi rock album with elements of synthwave. It all makes sense that they brought in the guy behind the popular Netflix series Stranger Things to design the album cover of "Simulation Theory". 

But you can´t label this album in the retrowave genre, it opens the same way as it´s finished, with two 80´s retro synth tracks : "Algorithm" and "The Void". And everything in between sounds like......well, Muse! The band worked with producer Rich Costey on the majority of the tracks, an old friend of the band that helped them make "Absolution" and "Black Holes and Revelations". And "Simulation Theory" sounds like a million bucks, perhaps the best produced album of 2018. Every song has something to offer except "Propaganda" that is the only song I can´t seem to get into of some reason. I even forgive them for flirting with U2 (their Achtung Baby era) on the track "Break It To Me". But songs like "Pressure", "Something Human", "The Dark Side", "Get up and fight" and "Algorithm" are new Muse classics. Absolutely Fabulous!



2.The dark side



5.Break it to me

6.Something human

7.Thought contagion

8.Get up and fight


10.Dig down

11.The void


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