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Whitesnake - Unzipped

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2018-10-19
Label: Rhino
Genre: Hard Rock,  Glam Rock,  Classic Rock
Producer: David Coverdale
Artist discography


David Coverdale has never been a stranger to the occasional ballad, going back to his early days with Deep Purple on “Soldier Of Fortune” and, most famously, with Whitesnake on the 1987 #1 smash hit, “Here I Go Again.”

With the summer tour with Foreigner behind them, David Coverdale releases this 40th anniversary album to prepare you for a long and cold winter in front of the fireplace, before they release the next album planned for early 2019.

This is not the band playing full throttle with David belting out loud.

Instead you get laid back songs rolled out in an acoustic studio setting.

A very nice album indeed on which David's feelful and soulful voice seems very much in place. It is not the first time David does an acoustic album. He did it before together with Adrian Vandenberg on Starkers.

Songs like Love is Blind, the previously unreleased version of Easier Said Than Done, Summer Rain and Forevermore really stand out.

Soulful and southern influences can be heard along the way, for example on Fare Thee Well.

Sadly there is also something i don't understand, unless you see it as a Christmas give away album. The last two songs are instrumental string versions of Wherever You May Go and Love Is Blind.

I miss the point why these were added, they fit regarding laid back easy listening but David does not sing on them and it really is only strings, no guitar or whatsoever.

It would have been much better if There was an acoustic version of for example Here I Go Again and Is This Love instead. There is no point of adding two instrumentals which are no band or David effort at all. I must admit though that both versions have a beautiful arrangement.

This all does not take away the fact that it is a decent effort for an in between release. Great to listen to on the porch on a hot sunny evening or, as i said before, in front of a fireplace on a cold winter night.


But wait..., there is more....

There is also a super deluxe box...!

On this extended version fans get what hey really want.

Starkers in Tokyo in 5.1 sound, more Starkers, Demo's mixes, et cetera. a total of 96 recordings on 5 CD's (loads of previously unreleased versions/material).

On top of that a 60 page book is included with rare pictures and new essays, a lyric booklet and a poster.

The DVD contains more than 3 hours of video footage.

So this Super Deluxe version is what you really should be going for as a fan.


Love Is Blind *

One of These Days

All The Time In The World

Wherever You May Go

Easier Said than Done *

Fare Thee Well *

Summer Rain *

Forevermore *

‘Till The End Of Time

Wherever You May Go (Instrumental) Strings only

Love Is Blind (Instrumental) Strings only



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