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As A Rival - Griefers

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-11-02 Year: 2018
Label: As A Rival
Genre: Punk Rock
Producer: Tom Larkin
Artist discography


Melbourne, Australia based punkrock band As A Rival wrote 50 songs for their 2nd album and picked the 12 best ones for "Griefers".
Producer Tom Larkin of Shihad wanted to make sure he got the best from the band and make no mistake, they are firing on all cylindars on their new album.
The line-up Pete Cerni-Vocals/Guitar, Johnny Beech-Guitar, Paul Trevorrow-Bass and Nathan Weathley-Drums aren´t interested in wasting your time with any fillers so we´re dealing with "put the pedal to the metal" punkrock here.
In these trick or treat times, why not go for both?! As A Rival has already released two great singles from "Griefers" in "What We Got" and "Coup De Main" but there´s more of what they came from. Just check out the explosive opener "Broken Compass" or my personal fave "Atom Bomb".
If you think punkrock is dead, you´d better crawl back under that stone you came from.
For fans of Bad Religion, Courage Dear Heart, Alkaline Trio


1.Broken compass


3.Atom bomb

4.Coup de main



7.Head in the clouds

8.Bring out the dead

9.Standing still

10.What we got

11.In the gutter

12.Divide us


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