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Tantric - Mercury Retrograde

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2018-10-05 Year: 2018
Label: Pavement Entertainment
Genre: Post Grunge
Producer: Chuck Alkazian
Artist discography


Tantric is back and totally refurbished, Ferreira as the only original member is now surrounded by Guitarist Sebastian Labar, Bassist Jaron Gulino, and Drummer Troy Patrick Farrell.

The new band sounds fresh and diverse as never before.

this can be heard very well on Mercury Retrograde when“Angry,” kicks in pure and raw with the sharp vocals which includes a bit of Rock/Rap style as well.

Tether,” gives us a sound which is very familliar to Creed. An amazing high standard sound.

“Get Em All” is a very nice mid tempo song which to me as a Dutchman sounds like Golden Earring here and there (talking about diversity here).

On “Before You Could Crawl” you will be drawn into the song by the fine guitar intro. But i must add it leeds to a bit of a boring ballad.

But then, the amazing razorsharp vocals give the band what they need on “Lie”, a great drum rythm delivered by TPF gives the song a fantastic foundation. A bit of the old Faith no More i'd say.

Another highlight is “My Forever” a ballad sung with emotion, love the raw edge on Ferreira's voice here. Very well composed just listen to how fanstastic all instruments blend together.

“Wannabe” is another cool song that lies somewhere in between Faith no More (the hooks and background vocals) and Creed (main voice and rythm).

“The Last Stumble” Has something to say lyrically. here and there i don't think it is Ferreira's strongest vocal delivery in the slower parts, but at the same time it's not bad eather. The chorus and solo part is amazingly strong.

“Letting Go” Is maybe a good song to release as a single, it has the right tempo and will appeal to mainstream rockers as well.

The album finishes with an acoustic mix version of “My forever” Great version and closes the curtain slowly to this amazing album.


My conclusion Mercury Retrograde is Tantric's best album so far.

The vocal delivery by Ferreira’s are very strong and the way he sings makes you believe the lyrics he sings.

Labar, Gulino, and Farrell give the band the push forward they need right now.

This album should be storming the charts to my opinion. But hey maybe the album's opener can arrange this with a bit of rock/rap vocals in it.

If you like Creed, Faith no More and Pearl Jam, this might be the right album for you!

Their best and most mature album by far.

Don't hesitate, just buy this jewel!

1. "Angry" 2:55
2. "Tether" 3:30
3. "Get 'Em All" 2:53
4. "Before You Could Crawl" 3:49
5. "Lie Awake" 3:39
6. "Against My Forever" 4:00
7. "Wannabe" 3:53
8. "The Last Stumble" 3:45
9. "Letting Go" 2:59
10. "Against My Forever (Acoustic Mix)" 3:56


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