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CATS in SPACE - Daytrip To Narnia

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2019-03-08
Label: Harmony Factory
Genre: Classic Rock
Artist discography


As a mountaineer, when you have already climbed the summits of the highest mountains on the planet, you have to look beyond towards new frontiers with perhaps more challenging mountaineering. The British pomp rock band Cats In Space were in that position after the two first and very impressive albums "Too Many Gods" and "Scarecrow", instead they head back to the Himalayas of new classic rock and take the same route with their 3rd studio album "Daytrip to Narnia".

Hard as it is, I think it´s fair enough for the fans to give them what they want. The band knew exactly what to do and did nothing different on "Daytrip to Narnia", it´s a great album for sure but since the music goes in the same style as their previous albums, it´s bound to be compared to them as well and I don´t think the new one hold to the standard of "Too Many Gods" or "Scarecrow".

This 55 minute long album includes the 27 minute long track "The story of Johnny Rocket", split in 7 parts where the finest moments are the disco rock of "Thunder in the night" and the beautiful ballad "Twilight". Another fine piece in this concept song is "Yesterday´s news" where the band sounds inspired by the music of the 70´s series The Persuaders" when they wrote the music.

The 10cc-like "She talks too much" is cool but the ballad "Chasing diamonds" is fantastic, these tracks also helps the band stay on the pedestal but I wish Cats In Space could´ve challenged themselves more on "Daytrip to Narnia". That´s what made bands like Supertramp, Electric Light Orchestra and Queen legendary, I bet Cats In Space have it in them so all they have to do now is to bring it out.



2.She talks too much


4.Tragic alter ego

5.Silver and gold

6.Chasing diamonds


8.The story of Johnny Rocket : Space overture

9.The story of Johnny Rocket : Johnny Rocket

10.The story of Johnny Rocket : Thunder in the night

11.The story of Johnny Rocket : One small step

12.The story of Johnny Rocket : Twilight

13.The story of Johnny Rocket : Yesterday´s news

14.The story of Johnny Rocket : Destination Unknown


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