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In Flames - I, The Mask

J├Ârgen Andersen Format: Album
Release date: 2019-03-01
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Genre: Metal
Artist discography


In Flames are back with their 13th full length album “I, The Mask”. Grammy-nominated producer, Howard Benson (Motörhead, My Chemical Romance) worked with the band for the second time after 2016’s album "Battles" to help create the new album. 

While In Flames’ music has softened over the years they still have maintained a consistent musical heaviness that keeps the band in the “melodic death metal” genre.

Singer Anders Fridén gives an excellent performance and his harsh vocals are spot on and sounds really good and his melodic singing is solid. There are a number of tracks on the album that definitely represent the best of the modern In Flames sound and with "I, the Mask" In Flames have produced a very well-written and well-delivered album that feels both aggressive and vulnerable.

And, as always, there is something in every album that unmistakable sounds like In Flames.

Even if "I, The Mask" is one of those records that deserves to be listened to in its entirety my personal favourites on the album is the opening track "Voices" that hits you like a freight train, the heavy “Call My Name”, the aggressive “I Am Above”, the emotional and melodic "All the Pain" and the downbeat acoustic "Stay With Me".

"I, the Mask" picks it up where the band left off with "Battles" and if you are a fan of In Flames' recent records, then you should check out the new album. 


1. Voices
2- I, The Mask
3. Call My Name
4. I Am Above
5. Follow Me
6. (This Is Our) House
7. We Will Remember
8. In This Life
9. Burn
10.Deep Inside
11.All The Pain
12.Stay With Me
13.Not Alone (Bonus Track) 


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