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Stone Blue Electric - Speaking Volumes

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2019-02-01
Label: OMN Label Services
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


You can either write an album made entirely as a studio production and then think about how to perform the songs on stage, if you need backing tracks or extra musicians to help out.
Or you can record it the way the songs were meant in the first place, you transfer the songs live into the studio just how the band is supposed to sound when they´re on stage.
Stone Blue Electric is the latter kind, they go for the formula - less is more and focus on capturing the band´s energy and probably also has the motto "if it doesn´t sound good on the first three takes, don´t bother to use it".

Some albums come and go, other will stay with you for a long time and "Speaking Volumes" is just that kind of an album.  I found myself thinking that after a couple of spins, the music was good but nothing extraordinary but after a few more times in my stereo, I have to say that the songs grows like the beanstalk in the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk.
Stone Blue Electric is a 4-piece band that consists of Patrik Eriksson - Vocals (Ile Kallio Big Rock Band), Jussi Turunen - Guitar (Hector), Jaakko Jakku - Bass (Turisas) and Sami Osala - Drums (Sunrise Avenue). And if you have the chance to catch them live in a venue near you, don´t hesitate to get a ticket because this band rocks.

Their debut album opens with the first singles released : "Generation snowflake" and "GYDIAR", by now you know that autotune and EDM is just as logic in this music as FIFA´s World Cup in Qatar.
I love the old-school punk spirit in the track "Every picture tells a story", right on. Another song that has become a favorite of mine is the new single and music video with the cool title "Screaming at the disco", it´s an explosive rocker with the same energy as a Ramones song. Cool with the nod to MC5 and the lyric "Kick out the jams" at the end of the song.
"Ants in your pants" is more of a classic rock song in the same vein as Huey Lewis and The News meets John Mellencamp, a nice break compared to the full-throttle rock and roll this album mostly contains.
If Dave Grohl and Elvis Costello wrote a song together it could be "Hey Sue", the arrangement is both in major and minor which is genius if you ask me. A contender for the next single release I guess. The brilliant "Hallelujah" is not a cover of the Leonard Cohen classic but instead a slightly epic rock song that bring thoughts to The Who´s "Quadrophenia". 
The curtains fall with the emotional "Month of June" and not a single eye is dry, the music has traces of folk and country and it might seem peculiar when you think about how the rest of the album sounds like, but it works very well and I wouldn´t wanna have another ending of the album.

Pop might be everywhere out there but you won´t find any pop on "Speaking Volumes", not even with a microscope. God save rock and roll!


1.Generation snowflake


3.I s´pose it´s a shame

4.Every picture tells a story

5.Ants in your pants

6.Screaming at the disco

7.Hey Sue


9.Those everlasting lies

10.Month of June


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