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Veliu Namai - Kurir

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2018-08-24
Label: Dangus
Genre: Ambient
Artist discography


I love listening to music in any form, whether it´s simple or technical, naked or bombastic, soft or aggressive, acoustic or electronic, positive or dark. But it has to be passionate. Music is about expressing emotions, just like a painter with it´s drawing or a director with it´s movie. Musicians always have something to tell, a story, an opinion or just making you hum on that lovable melody.

"Kúrir" is an album I´d never thought I would listen to when I was 15 and adored Kiss, filling my boy´s room with posters of my idols in Kiss. But even back then, I was open to other sorts of music like the craziness of Devo and the superb humor from Frank Zappa. So here and now, 40 years later, it might not be so strange that I´m sitting at home listening to composer Julius Mité and his latest offering.

He releases his music under the name of Véliu Namai (Home of souls), an international Baltic dark folk project founded in Prague, 2006. The album´s title "Kúrir" (Curonians), were fearless Baltic warriors that lived by the sea in what is now Lithuania and Latvia. It´s a very inspiring record, and yet so melancholic but also - near frightening. If the HBO series Vikings were a horror series, then some of these songs could be the soundtrack for sure.
Imagine walking in two feet deep snow, feeling the ice cold arctic winds in your face in the midst of the winter with 30 days away before the sun reappears above the horizon. That´s the picture I get while listening to "Kúrir", Julius Mité is an expert of taking you to other places with his music. All you have to do is close your eyes and get carried away.
Best tracks : "Nordens Vrede", "Véliniu Lauzai", "Sessrúmnir"


1.Veliniu Lauzai




5.Nordens Vrede


7.The eternal return


9.The heaviest burden


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