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Troye Sivan - Bloom

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2018-08-31 Year: 2018
Label: EMI Australia, Capitol
Genre: Pop,  Electronic
Producer: Oscar Holter, Jam City, Oscar Görres, Ariel Rechtshaid, Alex Hope, Buddy Ross, Bobby Krlic
Artist discography


Bloom is the 2nd album to come from Troye Sivan and boy does it showcase a much darker yet sexual side. As if his debut record Blue Neighborhood wasn't personal enough Bloom allows us even further into Troye's life experiences. 

Starting off we have 'Seventeen' which like much of the album is slow and sensual. It's very easy to follow along and the listener can get a good feel for things. The song is about when Troye was 17 and went looking for love on the internet thus later losing his virginity to a much older man. 

'My My My' oozes sex appeal and is a far comparison to the artists once shy demeanor on Youtube years ago. I love how he no longer feels ashamed of his body and just owns what he has. Not going to lie it took a little time for this song to grow on me. Once I saw the music video I got the message loud and clear. 

'The Good Side' is a stripped down acoustic piece I honestly didn't' care much for.

'Bloom' has 80's vibes written all over it and is hands down my favorite song not just off the album but of Troye's all together. The music video a visual delight and well put together. I love the whole Madonna feel to it and the production was pretty rad. This jam is about opening up to somebody like a beautiful flower and falling for them every minute of the way. 

'Postcard' is a nice piano piece paired with vocals that tells the story of being addicted to the presence of another and missing them while their away. Its a song about the pondering of the what ifs so to speak. As the song moves along the listener will get a feel for it all.

'Dance To This' came off as bland and I felt could have been so much more. The collaboration with Ariana Grande was cool but something was missing, the spark. Sadly must say the same for 'Plum','What A Heavenly Way To Die' and 'Animal'.

'Lucky Strike' is like the sister from another mister to 'My My My' but a whole lot more laid back. Very club kidish.

Overall this album certainly lives up to its name. Troye has come a long way since his Youtuber days and has really blossomed into a beautifully creative flower. You can really hear and see how hes grown not just as a person but a artist over the years. Real cool to see that. Curious where he will go next.  










  1. Seventeen
  2. My My My
  3. The Good Side
  4. Bloom
  5. Postcard (Ft. Gordi)
  6. Dance To This (Ft. Ariana Grande)
  7. Plum
  8. What A Heavenly Way To Die
  9. Lucky Strike
  10. Animal


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