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Downfall 2012 - We Welcome The Pain

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2019-01-25
Label: Downfall 2012
Genre: NuMetal
Artist discography


How often do you get to hear about a writing and recording process like Houston based Downfall 2012 and their brand new album "We welcome the pain"?! Let me explain, this trio wrote the music for "We welcome the pain" in one week and recorded it in 6 days. 
Alright, that sounds just like how albums were made in good ol´ days and while it´s easy to imagine that the result wouldn´t be anything you´d be bragging about. That´s exactly what you should do! "We welcome the pain" is a god damn great album, a classic numetal album with songs that sounds like a stampede of mammoths.
I love their 2013 album "Every man for himself" and the new one just as much.


1.Take control

2.Find your enemy

3.Attack point

4.We welcome the pain

5.Fooled once

6.Save the queen

7.Don´t give in

8.The mission

9.Forward movement

10.Make us one

11.End credits

12.Divinity acoustic


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