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Kristine - The Deepest Blue

Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2014-07-01
Label: Unsigned
Genre: AOR,  Synth,  Pop
Producer: Kristine
Artist discography


Alas another work to come from Kristine meets our ears!

Surprisingly the soul focus of The Deepest Blue is a single track. The star is none other than the Ep titled song itself 'The Deepest Blue' which is a splendid jam. Had this been released back in the 80's it would have for sure sky rocketed in the charts. Getting to the point of everything Kristine really knows how to lay it down. Talk about a hit! The production is spot on like that of the analog days when people actually put their heart and soul into their work. You can tell this artist has a passion for their craft. It really shows in this piece and I feel it ultimately embraces the 80's for what is was,a decade of free spirit. 'The Deepest Blue' is like that of the modern day girls version of 'Boys Of Summer' by Don Henley.

While I tend to stray away from remixes lately I find myself interested in hearing how other musicians tackle one another's work. I feel it helps my ears grasp,study and be able to fully appreciate the smallest of musical details by hearing work from a different perspective. In my opinion these remixes bring about a bigger yet nicer understanding of how art brings people together. Speaking of that matter next up we have several remixed versions by collages closing things off. 

'The Deepest Blue' (Miami Nights 1984 Remix) was my least favorite of the remixes because it honestly didn't sound a thing like the song. Never heard of Miami Nights 1984 till hearing their takes on things here so maybe its just this didn't go down so well. I will definitely have to check more of their work out and see how things are on their turf. 

'The Deepest Blue' (Bestrack Remix) contains yet another band I haven't heard of until listening to this particular spin. Like that of the previous artist I will have to explore their work as well. Sadly I didn't really connect with this remix at all and felt it was nothing more than a sped up take on things. It lacked a wow factor. Maybe its because I'm not familiar with how this artist goes about their craft. Will have to check into things to better understand where they were coming from.

'The Deepest Blue' (Dance With The Dead Remix) is the heaviest and frankly the best remixed version of the few in my opinion. Been a fan of Dance With The Dead for awhile now so as you could imagine it made me curious as to how they approached this song. Really love what they did with this piece by making it their own. The breaks of heavy metal guitar style they are known for and then their dash of electronica towards the beat really gave things a nice balance. 

Would have loved to seen more originals but I guess the demand at the time for more awesome art was not matching the inventory. Can only assume the artist probably felt pressured to release something for the time being which can be easily understandable. Highly recommend checking Kristine out if you love that timeless classic AOR sound and 80's aura. 

  1. The Deepest Blue
  2. The Deepest Blue (Miami Nights 1984 Remix)
  3. The Deepest Blue (Bestrack Remix)
  4. The Deepest Blue (Dance With The Dead Remix)


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