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Supralunar - Ghost

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2019-02-15
Label: BMP Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Petri Tuulik
Artist discography


Feel like taking a really nice melodic rock ride? Swedish trio SUPRALUNAR is a wise choice then. This band has the energy of FREAK KITCHEN mixed with the vocal finesse of SWEET. And the music style is also right in-between those two! If you’re a fan of CATS IN SPACE, this is a bit similar to them as well, although heavier.

There are ten songs offered here. It kicks off with the energetic “Life”, where lead vocalist and guitar player PETRI TUULIK immediately shows that he’s got a voice worthy of this kind of right-in-the-face melodic rock.

And it’s not only tempo filled rockers here. The ballad “My epiphany” is great, being a duet with Petri and NOELLE LEBLANC. So much feeling here, and the arrangements are as soothing as they are somehow mystic.

The biography mentions that the Sweden Rock Festival promotor described them as “THE DARKNESS goes BEATLES” when they were about to play there. Well, it is correct in some softer moments, but the band has most likely become a bit more rough-edged since then. So the DARKNESS references are accurate! No matter what, this is really good. And the songs include some cool and somewhat unexpected twists, here and there. This is something you need!


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