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The Next - A world without windows

Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Year: 1992
Label: Alpha
Genre: Pop
Producer: Paris Edvinson
Artist discography


THE NEXT was one of all those bands that should have been famous, instead of just releasing a fairly unknown one-off album “A world without windows”. In spite of being a rather unknown quartet, they should’ve conquered the scenes all around the world. But let’s start from the beginning.

Some of you probably know about the Swedish band FRENCH REVOLUTION that gained some success with their lovely album “Fantasia” in 1988.The members back then were BUFFALO BROMBERG, JONAS WARNERBRING and PARIS EDVINSON. As they disbanded, a new band was formed by the name THE NEXT. Edvinson is the only guy left from the trio, however both Bromberg and Warnerbring are involved as songwriters in five of the ten tracks. This is quite natural since the guys continued writing together long after the French Revolution album. As for songwriting, the members of THE NEXT are all involved too, more or less contributing to the songs. Except for Edvinson the remaining three members were: MICHAEL KLEIMERT, JOHAN BERLIN and KJELL SEGEBRANDT.

Stylewise there is quite a lot kept from the French Revolution days, however toughened up a bit in some songs and a bit darker and melancholic. But the more synth based pop tunes could easily have fit FRENCH REVOLUTION or been on albums by VISITORS and WEST OF SUNSET! Equally great stuff, no doubt.

One slightly odd bird is the instrumental song ”W” which has got a rather Scottish folk melody, based around a pop/synth foundation. But the oddness is still cool and the song is not bad at all, although at least one minute too long in my humble opinion.

My favourite part of the album is in the middle. “We’re all fools” is a soft pop/AOR tune, with a marvellous bridge after like three minutes that reminds me of the instrumental parts of the musical Chess! Then there is the marvellous “Face the nation” with a triolic beat, and it’s kind of like a more pop tinged “Black velvet” (ALANNAH MYLES). The guitar playing is top notch here, with lots of feeling. “We leave our loved ones” contains a small vibe of pop/AOR á la PLANET 3 mixed with prime time HOWARD JONES with its neat production and synth sounds. And the title track then, it’s fantastic!

The CD has become pretty rare over time, but not to extremes. With the uniqueness of the combination of styles, this CD will be liked by many. I absolutely recommend you to get it. (Swedish Diamonds Series, #34)


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