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Wolf Club - Chasing The Storm

Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2018-06-07
Label: TimeSlave Recordings
Genre: Retrowave,  Synth
Producer: Wolf Club
Artist discography


Chasing The Storm is the sophomore album from the Wolf Club discography. 

Right off the bat I must say the production has improved nicely. I felt this recent collection of work had a more meaningful lyric approach than last batch. Its almost as if the artist has now found a stable ground in their direction as to prior the sound was uncertain. Glad they found their way around things.

Starting off this 10 track LP is '84' which has a somewhat astronomical feel to it paired with soothing vocals that gently cascades into ones ears. Very easy to follow and is honestly a homage of sorts to the decade of pure innocence. Oh how I wish I could have been part of it all. Too bad I was born 10 years later than the actual song title itself. Atleast my taste in music has made up for the time difference.

Next up is 'Summer Lights' and boy did this song bring back some rather interesting memories. Immediately it reminded me of my final years in high school where I went from wearing gothic clothing to expanding my fashion to the preppy image. This song is something I can picture 100% playing inside of Hollister CO because it reeks the care free southern California vibes they go for. I'm surprised the artist wasn't approached by the company to use the song in the stores. Could easily see it going over well with customers on the loud speaker. 

'Things Were Simpler Then' is based off watching your childhood slip away at the turn of the decade. Not to mention as you begin to get older you really see how the world is changing before your very eyes and not for the better. It also kinda highlights a little towards trying times testing relationships with those you care for. Oddly enough since recently turning 25 years old I relate to that a great deal. 

As we approach the half way point we find ourselves face to face with the album titled track 'Chasing The Storm'. Out of all pieces featured this is my favorite hands down. It holds a lot of meaning behind the lyrics and I feel listeners will connect with the message. From what I gather personally is a context of the constant battle of mind and heart when presented with struggling to move forward with something or someone in your life. As the song moves along it gently sweeps you off the floor and carries you from each emotion that presents itself along the path. You can really get a sense of the struggle one can feel emotionally as you chase your dreams or that special someone down. With all dreams and goals comes a storm we face. This piece is truly about questioning if the storm is worth it and how you want to make things work but don't know where to begin. I'd love to hear what everyone else gathers from 'Chasing The Storm' because I thought it represented a battle we all will or have had to face at some point. 

'Young Minds' and 'Waiting' go hand to hand due to obvious reasons. When you are young you do a whole lot of waiting and don't do much in the way of thinking things through. Well the majority don't but some of us actually utilize our minds for better. Both songs sound close but have a slightly different element to them and meaning. While 'Young Minds' has a more club kid upbeat vibe 'Waiting' gives off a lingering around the club sorta touch as to not really knowing where to go with ones life but having fun with it. Perhaps its the production that makes my ears find them sounding similar. 

'Caught In The Night' is like the sister of 'Chasing The Storm' because it picks up where that piece left off. All I can picture in my head is two people finally reaping the rewards of sticking things out and cave into desire for one another. Its the final lap so to speak as the person has reached their destination or goals and the checked flag is being waved like that in a Daytona 500 victory. The anthem of pretty much surviving the chase and overcoming the storm I guess you can say. 

'Starlight' could have been a demo version for the album titled track or perhaps was at one point and just got thrown into the mix. Didn't care much for it honestly which brings me to the final two songs,'Heartbreak' and 'Lifelines'

'Heartbreak' speaks for itself while 'Lifelines' ends on a very positive note despite circumstance at hand within the lyrics. The final song 'Lifelines' is about how a relationship or goal not working out doesn't mean you have to completely abandon it. You can go about looking at something you worked on differently thus allowing new ideas to flow. As for a relationship you can always care about a person and be there for life as a friend verses nothing at all. Personally have to agree on both parts. I'd rather have a idea remain open and a friend for life than no friend at all. 

All together I'd say this record came together nicely compared to the previous release. I felt the artist has grown a lot in direction and I look forward to reviewing future work to come. The production has improved but could be better. Mostly fell for the way this album told stories but you have to look for them in between the lines. You can check Wolf Club out for yourself on various social media sites. 

  1. 84
  2. Summer Lights
  3. Things Were Simpler Then
  4. Chasing The Storm
  5. Young Minds
  6. Waiting
  7. Caught In The Night
  8. Starlight
  9. Heartbreak
  10. Lifelines 


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