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Whitesnake - Flesh & Blood

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2019-05-10
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock,  Glam Rock,  Classic Rock
Producer: David Coverdale
Artist discography


After some Purple years Whitesnake is back with a brand new studio release entitled Flesh & Blood.

This release first was scheduled for a 2018 release but there were some issues in the mixing process which caused the release to be postponed.

On the last studio release The Purple Album the band with new guitar player Hoekstra and new keyboard player Luppi did an hommage to the era when Coverdale was in Deep Purple but delivered with a clear Whitesnake topping.

This new release is a continuation of that sound with the very same line-up.

Joel Hoekstra and Reb Beach were included in the writing process of Flesh & Blood.

This writing collaboration results into a great album which gives a lot of energy.

Coverdale's voice logically is aging but he manages to maintain on the good side and still has tons of soulfulness and sexyness to share.

I love the way the two guitarists Hoekstra and Beach work together. Very cohesive.

Also the rythm section of Michael Devin - bass, Tommy Aldridge - drums and Michele Luppi - keyboards are doing an awesome job in creating a huge foundation.

"Good to see you again" is the right title to give the album a proper kickstart with it's bluesy sliding guitarsound.

"Gonna be alright" follows up being a mid tempo rocker. A steady song on which here and there you can hear Coverdale's voice is slightly aging.

"Shut up and kiss me" is a song which easily could have been on the 1987 release. It was also released as a pre album video release with the very same cadillac as used in the 1987 videos.

"Hey you (you make me rock)" has a cool riffing and also falls in the 1987 cathegory. Love the shouting "Hey you" in the chorus and the great solo. Nice stuff.

A bit like Thin Lizzy is the next one called "Always and Forever" a slightly more easy singalong rocker with again a fantastic guitarsolo.

Coverdale delivers.

Also on the lighter side is the ballad "When i think of you (color me blue)". Hopefully this will become a single release.

Time to throttle up with "Trouble is your middle name" one of the highlights on the album which grooves with it's cool vibe. Warning: this one rocks!

The title song "Flesh and Blood" is a mid tempo rocker which needs to come alive to me a bit. Love the dual guitarparts but overall not the strongest song to me. A bit boring.

"Well i never" is a lot better compared to the previous title song. Much more diversity here Love the drums and the band is grooving.

We have reached the point which to me is the beginning of the highlights on this release.

"Heart of Stone" has this old fashion bluesrock style which suits Coverdale so wel. A great ballad with a fantastic blueserock solo.

The follower is even better a funky blues cracker with a cool pace including very catchy chorus background vocals. (made me think of Extreme).

Coverdale delivers his scream followed up with yet another fantastic fast solo.

Shifting back to a semi acoustic vibe the beautiful campfire love song "After all" is perfectly delivered.

"Sands of time" closes the album in style and is almost progressive.


It doesn't bother me at all that here and there Coverdale's voice is showing some aging. He still delivers. 

Also the songwriting is mainly fantastic and the band is top notch.

Lets hope this lineup will stay together because it's very strong.


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